Meet Our Team

The Street Food Coalition launched in 2009 in Atlanta, GA, in an effort to bring street food culture to the metro-Atlanta area. Since our launch, we have endeavored to: a) provide educational services to start-up vendors through our “Street Food 101” programs; b) advocate for street food vendors with City, County, and State agencies and local landowners to create a viable business environment for vendors operating from food trucks, food trailers, and food carts; and c) arrange numerous vending opportunities on behalf of our membership.

Our Team is made up of a small group of dedicated professionals who have a passion for Street Food and work diligently to improve the business environment for vendors of all types.

Greg Smith

is the President of The Street Food Coalition and is a practicing Attorney with Conger and Smith, based in Bainbridge, GA. Greg has directed the operations of The Street Food Coalition in Atlanta since 2010 and has advised thousands of street food vendors on a wide-range of issues with their operations. Greg and his wife, Maggie, operated the Westside Creamery Ice Cream Truck in Atlanta from 2009 to 2013.

Jim Shumake

is the Executive Director of The Street Food Coalition and is the Owner of Food-O-Rama Events, an event management company based in Atlanta, GA. Jim has been involved in the operations of The Street Food Coalition since 2015 and has extensive knowledge of the operational side of street food businesses. Jim operated the Highland Bakery Truck in Atlanta in 2014.

Jenny Whitaker

is the Vendor Coordinator for The Street Food Coalition. Jenny is a Bainbridge, GA, native and has provided administrative support and customer service to countless street food vendors since her start in 2013.

Together, our team has assisted hundreds of street food vendors in launching and building their businesses; we are also proud to have organized thousands of events for food trucks and welcomed over one million customers on behalf of our members.