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Now you don’t have to guess where your favorite food trucks are going to be in Atlanta — you can find out where they’ll be using the events calendar from The Street Food Coalition. You can also discover new food trucks near you. Search for what you’re craving or explore cuisine you never thought could be served at a food truck.

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Atlanta Food Truck Events

If you’re a fan of food trucks, The Street Food Coalition is here to help you discover all that Atlanta has to offer in mobile food service. Explore different types of cuisine to discover amazing new dishes or check out our calendar to find out about different events your favorite food trucks are going to be at.

The Street Food Coalition aims to connect a variety of food truck vendors with their customers. Whether you’re looking for an upcoming festival, the location of your favorite food truck, or you want to discover something new, we have all of the information you need to have an amazing meal. Check out our calendar or contact one of our vendors today.

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