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As a food truck vendor, your need for reaching customers is more unique than traditional restaurants. You’re mobile, so people need to be able to find you in different places around Atlanta. You also need to make sure you’re serving food in places you’re allowed. With the help of The Street Food Coalition, you’ll be able to share where you’ll be located, if you’re participating in any events, and gain resources to make sure your business is successful. Join The Street Food Coalition today to get started!

Benefits of Joining The Street Food Coalition:

Book more events when customers request catering

Advertise events you’re participating in on our calendar

Be found easily with our category-based search system

Give customers a quick preview of your menu and contact information

Join Our Atlanta Food Truck Coalition

As a food truck owner, you spend a lot of time marketing your restaurant so that customers can get in touch with you and find your location. The Street Food Coalition wants to make that process easier for you. We’re a group that helps organize and book events for a variety of food trucks, food carts, food trailers, and more.

If you’re trying to get your name out to the Atlanta area, joining The Street Food Coalition is a great way to reach a larger demographic. Our search system is set up so people can find you by the type of food that you serve. We also provide them with some photos, more about your business, and contact information so that they can get in touch.

If you’ll be participating in a public event, you can add it to our event calendar so people know where you’ll be. Customers will also be able to request you for catering at private events with other food trucks. Join The Street Food Coalition today to help expand your clientele.

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