For Customers

The purpose of The Street Food Coalition is to connect consumers to vendors as quickly aspossible. Whether you’re looking for a pizza truck to cater an office work party, or you’re searching for multiple vendors for the next PTA fundraiser, The Street Food Coalition is here to help.

Photo of a coffee food truck
Delicious Burger and some fresh salt and pepper chips

Since 2009, our team has welcomed over 1 million customers to our weekly events, special events, festivals, and catered parties.

Our team has arranged catering for groups of 10,000 and for groups of 20; we have organized some of the largest mobile food festivals in the south east, featuring more than 50 vendors, and we have arranged for single vendors to set up in neighborhoods and office parks.

No location is too tough and no event is too large or small. If you are interested in setting up an event, get in touch.

Looking for a specific vendor or cuisine and are flexible on the date? Search here

We have placed food trucks in locations of all types:

  • Urban Parking Lots
  • Schools and Churches
  • Suburban & Urban Parks
  • Farms
  • Neighborhoods
  • Office Parks
  • Movie Sets
  • High-End Ball Rooms