For Vendors

The Street Food Coalition is now inviting mobile food vendors of all types (including, but not limited to: food trucks, food trailers, food carts, tent + table setups, and caterers) in Atlanta, GA. In 2017, we have generated over $2.5 million in sales for our members in Atlanta. If you are a full-time street food vendor, a weekend-warrior on the festival circuit, or something in between, we would be thrilled to have you join us.

Delicious Sandwich. Maybe a Chicken Pesto Panini

Members of The Street Food Coalition have access to the following:

  • A platform based on years of experience in managing street food events in Atlanta.
    • Easily connects food truck vendors to their customers
    • Assists vendors in organizing their busy and complicated schedules
  • Two different methods for potential customers to reach our food truck vendors:
    • Directly, by using our location or category-based search feature
    • Indirectly, by creating an event on our platform and offering the opportunity to a group of vendors

Our goal is to connect you, quickly and seamlessly, with your customer and then get out of the way there are no sales people to deal with or company reps angling for a fee.

  • The primary purpose of our organization has been to provide educational services to new street food vendors in the Metro-Atlanta area, and we aim to continue to provide those services as we expand to new markets.
  • Our Team will provide general advice, detailed workshops, and one-on-one consultations to members of The Street Food Coalition.
  • All members will have access to our “Street Food Wiki,” which is intended to serve as a community-based and real-time source for information about local rules and regulations, as well as tips and tricks from experienced food truck vendors about specific events, vending locations, and operational considerations.
  • Since our launch in 2009, The Street Food Coalition has maintained a robust social media presence and has leveraged the power of our strong group of food truck vendors to raise the profile of Street Food vending in our target markets.
  • Our Team has ample experience in handling media requests and providing a professional and unified voice for our membership.
  • All members of The Street Food Coalition will benefit from our social media, advertising, and joint-marketing efforts, and we will highlight new and innovative food truck vendors in our publications.

We are proud that our membership is made up of high quality and professional vendors and we are dedicated to maintaining those high standards going forward. For that reason, prior to granting membership, we may ask that vendors provide proof of insurance, some basic information about your business entity, and/or details about your experiences in mobile food vending. Thank you for your patience and understanding.