In 2017, after having lived back in the US for a couple years, it was time for us to finally take the plunge into what we were so intimately connected with in our past lives⏤the restaurant scene.

There were several barriers in the way of starting the restaurant we really wanted⏤one being capital, two: the saturation of burger joints, and three: the fact that traditional German food was seen as heavy, somewhat unattractive, and not the healthiest.

We decided the best way to fix this predicament was to merge some traditional German flavors and concepts into a more modern application with fresh, vibrant ingredients.

We started a food truck in the Atlanta Metro Area, acquired a scary loan, found inspiration overseas while living in Australia and Germany and consequently, in October 2017, Bratplatz was born.

Our biggest mission when we set up Bratplatz was to introduce and recreate German food in a way that was attractive and approachable to unfamiliar palates. We hope you become as passionate about great food as we are, because this is still our biggest mission today.


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