Ambien is a prescription medication available in immediate release and controlled release formulations. The medicine contains zolpidem tartrate as an active ingredient. Ambien is a sedative, and also a hypnotic medicine recommended only for people above 18 years of age.

The medication is a federally controlled substance C-IV due to its associated risks of abuse and dependence. Medical guidelines recommend that people should only use Ambien after trying counseling, behavior therapy, and lifestyle changes. It is an oral medication available in conventional tablets and sublingual tablets forms.

Ambien is a non-benzodiazepine-Z medicine that acts as both sedative and hypnotic, by increasing the effects of GABA-A receptors in the central nervous system at the same location as benzodiazepines. It belongs to the imidazopyridine class and has a half-life of about two to three hours.

The United States approved zolpidem, an active ingredient of Ambien, in the year 1992 for medical use. The generic form of Ambien came into the market in 2007. It is one of the most commonly used sleep medications in the country, with more than 10 million prescriptions filled every year.

Uses of Ambien:

The Food and Drugs Administration labels Ambien for a short term, usually about two to three weeks, treatment of sleep problems or insomnia at the lowest effective dose. People Buy Ambien online for both improving the onset of sleep and staying asleep.

American College of Physicians guidelines recommends that medication should be only a second-line treatment of insomnia after trying non-pharmacological treatment options such as lifestyle changes and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

Health care providers recommend a lower dose of the medication as a sublingual tablet for the middle of the night awakenings (3.5 mg dose for men and 1.75 mg dose for women). People should take it only when there are at least four hours between the time of awakening and the time of administration.

How to store Ambien?

Store the medication in a shut compartment at room temperature, away from warmth, dampness, and direct light—shield from freezing. Keep out of the scope of kids. Try not to keep old medication or medication no longer required. Ask your pharmacist how you ought to discard any medication you don’t use.

Dosages of Ambien:

Adult Dosage

  • Initial Dose: 5 mg for women and 5-10 mg for men taken once per night
  • Dosage increase: A health care provider may increase the dose from 5 mg up to 10 mg according to the needs of the individual patient

Note: Take only one dose per night. Do not take Ambien with a meal. Avoid taking heavy dinner or alcohol while taking the medication. Ambien and alcohol may interact to produce adverse reactions.

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