Do you love Mexican Food and Southern food? Our food truck & mobile catering company offering a unique combination of comfort cuisine. With modern fusion influences, such as Savannah shrimp burgers, and smoked brisket tamales, we are committed to deliver the best ingredients and farm to table as well. We can also customize specialty menu for any occasion.

A bit of history behind our food truck and catering, our chef has being in Atlanta for long time and work in some of the best catering companies and hotels. He puts his experience, knowledge, and flavors to please people from all walks of life.

Q Our Menu

1. Shrimp burger
served on a warm parker bun topped with coach Joe's seafood sauce and sweet tangy coleslaw comes with zap potato chips.
2. Coach Joe's low country creamy shrimp and grits freshly made to order
3. Smoked center cut beef tenderloin salad
sliced on top of fresh Artisan mixed greens with Vidalia onion dressing topped with Vidalia fried petals.
4. Smoked brisket tamales
with tomatillo topped with avocado and smoked chipotle pepper ranch.
5. An all beef Coach Joe jumbo dog
served on a warm Parker bun served with ZAP chips.
6. Smoked pulled BBQ Turkey Leg Sandwich
served with cherry BBQ sauce and side of coleslaw and ZAP potato chips.
7. Little Tijuana Beer-Buttered Fish Tacos (3)
served with avocado, shredded cabbage, radish, cilantro, and jalapeno cream.
8. California Shrimp Quesadilla
with sauté spinach, cheese, and onions.
9. Salmon Tacos
Topped with avocado chipotle ranch and marinated cabbage.

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