The Philly Connection has been making the best Cheesesteaks in Atlanta since 1984. We use only 92% lean grilled steak, processed in Philadelphia; our rolls our made in the Philly area, using water from the Philly area to provide that unique Philadelphia Cheesesteak flavor and texture. We use only real white American cheese. We also offer grilled chicken breast strip Philly’s, grilled veggie subs, Lay’s Brand chips, Sweet Street desserts and that Philly favorite, Birch Beer.

Q What do you guys know about cheesesteaks?

John Pollock, our founder and Senior VP, is from the Philadelphia area, and made cheesesteaks while attending school. He brought his passion for providing the best cheesesteaks in the business to the Atlanta area in 1984. John is still the boss; he makes sure that every aspect of the cheesesteaks we produce is Philly-correct!

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