All food items on our menu are made fresh from scratch with the highest quality ingredients.   

Paté (pronounced pah-tay) – The paté is a staple in Virgin Islands cuisine.  The two main components of a paté is fried dough stuffed with a variety of fillings, similar to a  Jamaican Patty, or Empanada.  At VI Comfort, you may indulge yourself with a beef, saltfish, turkey, tofu, or veggie paté on any given day.

Johnny Cake – The Virgin Islands version of johnny cakes are a close cousin to the paté.  Following the same  concept of fried dough, the johnny cake is a paté without the filling.  While it is tasty and bold enough to stand alone, a johnny cake pairs nicely with a slice of gooey cheddar cheese in the middle.

Tart – The Virgin Islands tart has a firm bread like crust covered with a thick layer of fruit filling.  These miniature undeniable treats are available in both coconut and pineapple and are sure to satisfy.

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