Zen Foods Atlanta provides incredible 100% plant-based food options with the majority of meat substitutes made in-house and are soy free.  We specialize in vegan steak, chick’n, shrimp as well as other customizable sandwiches and meal options.  Our foods are suitable and enjoyed by carnivores, omnivores, flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians and kids love it too!  Let us know what plantbased options you’re looking for and we are happy to serve.

Q Do your meat substitutes contain soy?

No. All of our meat substitutes are soy free. However, some marinades we use contain minimal amounts of non-gmo soy sauce.

Q Are your foods gluten free?

No. We use traditional vegan breads and many meat substitutes contain wheat protein.

Q Do your foods contain meat or dairy?

No Meat. No Dairy. Ever.

Q Are you available for private events?

Yes we'd love to talk to you about your event and how we can provide amazing plant-based foods.